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Three Ravens is honored to feature the creative works of artists and makers from near and far. We hope to bring beauty and creativity into your life and home. Gallery openings will be scheduled every six weeks.

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For our Grand Opening, we are honored to showcase the work and transformation of artist JinAn Wong:


Three Ravens Gallery

January 16th, 2016

Grand Opening of Art Gallery, Music venue & Mystery School.

Artist- Jin An Wong

Artist Statement-

On Oct.16th, 2015 at 2:15pm, every artist’s worst nightmare arrived at my door as I watched my home and art studio become engulfed in flames and black smoke. My paintings and artwork were transformed into ash, and all of my digital files were melted into puddles of plastic.

I felt my world had come to a fiery end. I was stripped naked of my past, and my future was unknown.

As a surfer, I have survived death many times, and in those moments held down by mountains of water, I surrendered myself to God, to nature, and to myself, praying I would find my way back to shore, back to my life on land.

In my blackened art studio, my painting materials were melted into their containers, my brushes were burnt at their tips, everything looked twisted and deformed. My soul felt crushed by this wave that washed away everything familiar.

I couldn’t find my way back home.

When Three Ravens Gallery invited me to be part of their grand opening, I wanted to tell the story of an artist who having lost everything finds a new beginning, but I didn’t know where to start.

A single chopstick with a beaded embroidery tip was lying in the rubble, perfectly untouched by the fire, as if saying, “hey, look… I survived!”

It pointed me to the doorway of resilience and toward my journey of transformation and renewal, which is the theme of the show.

As Michael Meade said, “Imagination is the deepest power of the human soul and what the world needs now is more people awakening to the power of the imagination in their own soul.”

These words are my new mantra.

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