Three Ravens | Art Gallery, Music Venue & Mystery School | 440 Haight St. San Francisco

Big Stuff, Small Stuff show – Fnnch + Jeremy Novy

This Friday, Nov 11th from 6-10pm, swing by the opening of Fnnch, Eclair Bandersnatch and Jeremy Novy’s “Big Stuff, Small Stuff”.

From Fnnch:  This is the first time Ive shown larger pieces entirely of my own design. Most of my large pieces are created on commission, and while this is preferable in many ways, and while I often suggest new approaches I’ve been considering, they’re still not totally free.

For this show I’ve created 5 larger pieces — two dogs, two honey bears, and a squid — primarily exploring the use of a router to create art. I’ve also painted a piece on layered acrylic.

That’s the “Big Stuff” portion of the show.

The “Small Stuff” portion will include some smaller pieces from both myself and at least one other awesome artist, Jeremy Novy.

Jeremy is the godfather of San Francisco street art and the one responsible for the hundreds of koi on the sidewalks of our fair city. His work was one of my major inspirations to get started.

Bandersnatch is to San Francisco what Banksy is to Bristol. Both stencil artists grew from humble beginnings in the underground street art world with a focus on the political and socio-economic issues plaguing their cities. Bandersnatch narrowing her focus on gender equality and the exponential growth of an industry that is changing the class structure of San Francisco” – Audra Clemons