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Mystery School

Mystery School

Three Ravens Mystery School is a collective of diverse, worldwide wisdom teachings and practices with the common denominator; aligning heart, mind and body through self-empowering techniques.

Upcoming Classes and workshops this June-Sept include:
Egyptian Mysteries, Flower of Life, Arabic language and  cultural coaching, Siberian Shamanism, Yoga-fusion workshops

What is a Mystery School?

“The term Mystery School comes directly from Ancient Egypt, and refers not to a specific time or place in Ancient Egypt, but the timeless secret teachings, past down through word of mouth, (through Priests and Priestesses , Initiates and Royalty,) and   encrypted into the temples themselves, concealed and inshrined behind a veil of hieroglyphs and symbolism.” John Anthony West

Meet our teachers

Info on classes and workshops

There is something for everyone in the Mystery School; sacred sciences, movement, symbolism, harmonic proportion, art, exploration of your inner worlds and Sacred Geometry studies.  We are VERY excited to be San Francisco’s Mystery School, gathering teachers from all over the globe to share these ancient teachings for the modern world, in an intimate setting for maximum attention and experience with the instructors.

We look forward to seeing you at our school!